Friday, December 30, 2011

New to Crocheting with a addition...

Crocheting has advanced…here are a few pieces I finished...
These basic scarf's twist and layer with a great look of fashion.

That was it for the basics, I needed more of a challenge....
This black variegated  neck warmer was fun to do and I love the look...I will sale on etsy...once I get it there! I will have more pictures of it being worn.

And then there is a new adventure into friend , Carol, introduced me  with...needles and yarn and said, "Here, you can do this!" It took some time but once I got into it I was off and knitting for the finish of the skein!
I got some great encouragement and knowledge from the gals at "Custom Threads" and Carol asking, ""Hows it coming along?" It needs to be blocked and here again "Custom Threads" are there to assist me when I am ready...

So there you have much for "NOT" adding on a new art and its supplies to my life...

Thanks for stopping by and/or following me...Have a Grand NEW YEAR....I have a new Grand-son on his way...the days are counting and Little Toots will have a little brother...Ethan James!

Submission to my friends at:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My " Nutcracker" donation...

Got your tickets! 

This weekend is the showing of

"The Nutcracker" 

at the Liberty Theater in Astoria, Oregon

I have made a double page spread put into a frame as a donation for the fund raiser which is a auction of ART. 
 There are several pieces on display at "Old Town Framing" on commercial in Astoria...and they are up for silent bidding.

The littlest nutcracker
There are a lot more...come in to see and bid!
That is what I have been up to...for submission to:
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