Thursday, May 14, 2020

Happy Mothers Day MOM

 The Sun was shining this Mothers Day and I was off to Astoria to deliver Mom's gift at Astor Place.,I am so very Thankful for the care they give to all that reside there.

I got a good start with a idea a month ago using
Mo's Digital Pencil  "Garden of Possibilities"

Started with printing the whole body on card stock and coloring the body parts that would show.  Also printed papers for clothing. 
2nd, I cut all parts out and layered them together. I used doll hair, tiny buttons, twine and of course the tissue that Mom always has with her.

Love you MOM

The flower die is from Memory Box called Honeyblossom Sprig, I cut green for the main piece and then again for the flower colors and velum for a soft look. 
The middle of flowers are just some tiny punches that I formed.
The Window is by Poppy Stamps Inc. , I used sparkle velum for the glass.
Grass is a die from Lawn Fawn.
I framed piece at Old Town Framing

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Crocheting is a new Art from my Heart

This piece is for a special princess for the Holidays. 
Pretty simple double crochet scarf 
that I converted the ends into hand warming pockets.
With a touch of "FROZEN" accent of snowflakes and fringe, it was ready for wrapping.
Now it is time with the next gift for giving!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Special Order from Tokyo

All it takes is someone with need that gets the creative challenge going for me. I work at Old Town Framing in Astoria and every once in a while we get a need for Paper Bagley to come up with a idea to get a shadow box created. Lori from Lor's Tours came in with a bag of cranes, 3 book markers and a story...

Lori, owner of Lor's Tours went on a trip to Tokyo and a DELTA passenger gave them to her so she wanted to have them framed as a keepsake. 
Well then the creative mind started visualizing...

I had other ideas although once I had gotten some of it started it just did not look right. My final design came from pictures of a wedding where they had the cranes hanging from the trees. Now here I go...cranes from the sky and book marks coming from the grass' below...
Yeps...I did not have a grass die. Young at Heart was just down the street so I went there and used their dies for the job to continue. Oh, of course I ordered the dies for Paper Bagley, one never knows when you might need them. Thank you Young at Heart !!!

This is the back side where I had gotten the book markers in the grass and strung the cranes on clear thread the night before in Paper Bagley Studio. The glass is hazy for I am using museum glass so I needed to protect it with plastic while I worked. The frame is lined with matching mat board on foam board. I wove the cranes through the top mat liner first then added the foam board before adhering it to the frame.
To section the cranes from each other I used micro DOTS under each division of birds. Then I took the plastic off of the glass.  The larger cranes and some smalls I added to the back mat before putting it in place.
With Lori's positive thoughts, "A creative mind needs time" and her patience the piece is finished. All of the encouragement along the way from Lori, family and friends, I did it and Thank-You!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Home for the Navy Lockers

It was afew months ago my Son, Ian informed me 
of some lockers for sale on a Facebook group. 
I looked and inquired, made plans and the whole family went for a quick trip to Long Beach, Washington to get them.
I wish I would have taken a picture before the 
restration for they were in need of alot of TLC. 
With years of paint, goo,
lots of stickers from being in a car detailing place it seemed. 
 I took off the hardware, had to do alot of peeling off stickers then sanded with Thanks to son, Ian for the use of his sander. 
Then for the glory of watching it get a new face. 
I used hammered metal spray paint. 
The hardware were a gray color but I saw a glimmer of brass so I hand sanded to bring out the surprise I hoped for.
Putting everything back togather, I was pleased. 
Then for the loading up with my "Tootsie Toys".
I need to get new knobs for the drawers. 
Other then that I am happy with my work and to have storage for the new "Paper Bagley" wood working area.
I would love to hear some history of these lockers like what year. 
I have been told so far that they may have come from 
Tougue Point when the Navy ships where there.
See more "Paper Bagley" art at Pinterest
Thanks for blogging by, Tootsie

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

This has been a yearly gift to Mom, Eileen for the past 7 years for giving a plant is out of the question since she has all she needs!
I do take special orders !!!! 
Inform me in your comment at the bottom or on facebook by clicking on the picture below. 
There is time for Mothers Day is May 14th !!!!!!

 Paper Bagley
Each year I search for a new stamp that reminds me of Mom and this one was my choice this year from Art Impressions "His and Hers Gardeners". The papers I used are my favoraite card stock, Bazzil and the prints are from my collection of 6 x 6 paper pads' My Minds Eye "Bramble Rose", Graphic 45 "French Contry" and Doodlebug Design "Kraft in Color" along with odds and ends of punches. 

 Paper Bagley Pinterest
I designed the hat and dazzled it up with some twine and netting. All framed and ready for MoM!
See more on Pinterest Paper Bagley

His & Hers GardenersOld Town Framing on commercial in Astoria OregonDoodlebug Design - Kraft in Color Collection - 6 x 6 Paper Pad - KraftRanger Ink - Liquid Pearls - Dimensional Paint - White OpalGraphic 45 - Nature Sketchbook Collection - 6 x 6 Patterns and Solids Paper PadMy Minds Eye My Mind's Eye Paper Pad, 6 by 6-Inch, Unforgettable

Monday, February 27, 2017

Life enjoy the journey
Once I get an idea that I really like I am to get it made. I have a new "Old Friend", William Heilmann on Facebook and he posts a lot of pictures from the days when my Dad would hunt with his friends. Well, there was this one that really touched me and the idea started within my heart.
Since I work at Old Town Framing in Astoria for the last 9 years I wanted to put this piece within a shadow box frame. To do so I had to think about the snug fit that was needed around the spacers that was needed for the depth. So...step one I had the frame made by our wonderful chopper, Corrie Pedersen. Then I added the glass and spacers. From there it was brought home for custom fitting for size and product used after that I was released to get creative with the layout and development.
I have been collecting papers for years to get ready for the relaxing days of retirement, although that is a ways off, let's just say I am dipping into the joy of my heart as usual. Point being I can't tell you the names of the papers for I am using so many that are probably old!

 Time spent on hand cutting, die cutting, prep, placing and finally gluing, taping was bring forth the dementional piece I was seeing in my mind for at least a month.

There is was the Hunt came back to be ecknowledged once again.
My Dad, far right with the check shirt, his brother Richie's son, Bobby is a artist also and his website is a must see at: Bag End Studio

Click on the pictures to really get a look at them in detail.
I sure did enjoy this journey to the past.
To all the Men that came into my life as a young girl, Thank You, Love, Tootsie

Monday, October 3, 2016

Time to get back into the Studio...

It has been years since I have had the time or the mind about me to post so lets get on with it...

This is a project that I started for my "Mothers Life in a book"

It has brought me back in time with tears and alot of good laughs. 


Enjoy the journey with me...

Sunday, March 15, 2015


 I lost my father in 2014, Francis Hall Bagley.

After his passing I thought about how he lived life with a joy in his heart.
Now matter what was thrown his way he dealt with it the best way he knew how, good bad or indifferent.
He also made for himself a place to get away and be creative through it all.
With this in mind I got to thinking.where do I find Joy?
Being Creative! So that Summer I created that place to be creative and have Joy.
The process was alot of work but I managed by not allowing myself to get interupted nor to stop at any giving point.
I took everything out of the shed, preped, painted and then called the flooring company....bam....Nu-Way CarpetThe advise I got in picking out the right type was perfect. It took a day or so for I measured and came up short. "Dont measure yourself, let the pros do it!"
Once all was in place there was left overs now so I asked for it to be put on top of one of the units as a counter it!

Then It was my turn again.
Shelving was hung and arranged. Tables and storage placed.
Then it came time to start bringing in the supplies. 
Now to of the things I love to do!
Little by little it was all finding the right spot for "creating with value of space and time.
It was getting cozy and I found myself taking on projects and orders. This was a good thing for I was able to really work out the flaws of organizing to make things accessable for the value and usage of items, tools, etc. It also got me to know where things are, to take note and label "everything"! This has been actually find something without wondering and not taking so much time trying to find that "one thing"!
It has been 3 yeears.
A BIG Thanks to Trisha at Crane Island. 
For your heart felt encouragment to persue my dream. 
Your on going sharing of all around creative know how.

Monday, November 10, 2014

It has been a year.....

...I finally got a creative urge!
The first of October I told my boss that I needed a challenge. Within a short time she was pulling out some of her treasures that she had been wanting to frame. 
I choose her cat picture and a puff of fur to transform into a memory box.
Today of all things I dug right into doing it.
I surprised...myself and looking forward to the urge to go on!
Paper by: My Minds Eye
Dies: Sizzix and Spellbinder
Dome by: EK Success
Letters: Quick Kutz

LM#216 Remembering someone special
Posting to Frosted Designs:
White Space Challenge
Posting to Paper Wings Productions:
November Challenge

It feels good to be back!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspiration to a Happy Halloween....

Halloween started back in August for me. A watercolor artist came into the store that had Halloween pieces to frame for the “Art Walk” we have every 2nd Saturday of the month at my work place….Old Town Framing. 
I totally got into the pieces and they were mine to frame, what fun it was. 
By the 2nd week in Oct. they were displayed.

Well….during the framing period I was inspired to do what I have wanted to do since the last time I "brought out the witch in me" back in 1985!
I got organized…gathered my whimsical embellishments 
and made pumpkins to start with.

Then I was off to better things…creating the witch I have longed for almost 30 years! I was off to my dear friend Trisha's house to create with other gals...
 whatever we had our hearts set on. 
For me it was my Witches Staff and what a beauty it turned out to be….

 Within the next week I ordered a was nice but it needed personality...
then again….I created!!!   
Oh Yes Dearies what a fine gem it is!!!

A Lantern was in order and I had a old outside porch light that would do the was off to creating again...oops! No finished picture for it is a work. I will edit this once it is posted.

well, I could make one with local scotch broom and a stick…then….
Research began on the PC…and there it was!!!!!

Then there was the task of trying to find a broom....I thought it through....
A dream of a ride!! I got one for me and one for Lili for she and her sister will need to join me next year. I found our rides...on etsy you can find, Samatha Prichard out of Eugene, Oregon, all handmade with shop name of Broomchick, you can find her at: BROOMCHICK. She has all types including every day use brooms and believe me I will never buy another broom other then these again!

I was then set...just a little bit of make-up and wala....
 ....appeared and so did Reba Owen just in time for a picture before the Trick-or-Treating was about to begin.
Soooooooooo..................many children!!!!!!!!!!
I Loved them all but the Good Witch that I am I have my favorites!

My dear Lilian, Vivian, Ethan, Kayla, Addy and KiKi and I believe I saw a few more that I could not be sure of....

FUN oh what fun I had and I think that the children enjoyed me for they had nice things to say and so did the parents and Grand parents.
My heart got filled with Glee from the good energy. The children were great although there was 1 medium child that ...well needed some potion of goodness!
Auntie Rissa came as Autumn Fairy, she won the best handmade adult costume that I saw....this is she with me on commercial in Astoria...
The best handmade kids was this boy as a robot...

 I am very ready for next year although there are potions to make and a few other items that can be I need a parking spot for our brooms!!!!

Until then may your heart follow your dreams and desires and create it!!!

Submission to: Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME # 133 Were the digi art has just the right theme to art out with!
Also subbmission to: "DIY Show Off" 

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