Thursday, February 23, 2012

Door Knobs with a new look...

I got tired of the same 'ol look of gold so I ventured out with spray paint in hand!

1) sand the knobs with fine sand paper
(I went beyond...lamp did not need sanding)

2) spread all hardward out and spray
(I even painted the key to match)
3) allow to dry for 48 hrs. for a good finish

Spray paint used:
Metallic paint & primer in one
color: Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knitting I will go...

Still crocheting and have taken up a knitting project that I have in my creative mind.
It is a scarf, the finished piece will have the letter "I" on the right and the letter "p" on the left...this is the left can see it a little bit. A B-day gift for my son in April. It's just radom knit, pearl...thats about all I know well in the knitting world.
I am getting along well...the other hip is in need and the knees talk to me also...getting old is not a cake walk although I am thankful for each and everyday of LIFE.
This is a submission to:
Were I find a joy in my heart and smile!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Grandson, Ethan and a New Hip...

On Jan. 16th my Grandson "Ethan James" was born!!
He weighted out a wappin 11.3 oz !!
Yep, Vivian and Lilian(Toots)have a little brother.
Another star is born for my blog!!

I have been through a New hip surgery (17th) and recovering over at my Moms. Doing well although it is a lot of work, thankful for everything that Mom does.
Here is a picture of KE7OFP Ham with her bone taken out!!!
Enyone for a race!!!
Being a Homecare person for years…I have a lot of memories of my dear Bob Williamson with a smile and a tear.
I say Thank-you to everything…as he did
Ihave a cheering heart to get through the day…as he did.
This may take some time and to think I will need the other one done also…yep…a re-Rund! It will be while but the surgeon said it looks bad also.
My Mom is my model for the cowl I made and will be seen on etsy.
I won a gift while I was laid up on Sassy Cheryl!! Thank-you Cheryl for all you Love of the art...maybe a digi of a nurse or doctor...I need to send a special card to them for all the great care I recieved at St. Johns Hospital.
This is a submission to: Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME #61
To all submitters I will try to come see you later for the hip does not like sitting for to long upright.
Hugs to all my family,friends and followers!!
Onward…I have crocheting and copic art to do!!
Visitors welcome…Love Tootsie
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