Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knee recovery... coming along slowly and/or not as fast as I would like it!! 

Although I have been able to get a lot of crocheting done. 

Here is Lily modeling her new hat.

Also...below is  a hat that I's amazing what a bored creative mind can do!

 A update on Ethan...he is walking....and getting into "all things"! And...if there is a will there is a way to get to whatever he sees.

I have been watching Sassy Cheryls Daily Updates , there she is sharing her thoughts and displaying what digis she is working on.
Also my weekly submission to her Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME! #108

Spring is coming for as I slowly walking out to get the mail I noticed the daffodils coming up!!! What a good feeling!

SUPER BOWL weekend means getting out with creative minds....
onward to preparing for a day of it on Feb. 3, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gift for Grandma....

 Cheryl has been here from North Dakota since Dec. 18 to be with family. I have not been able to visit although a day does not slip by thinking about the Joy she is absorbing during her stay. 
There was a small gift I was working on for her and finally finished! 
I started with the thought that Cheryl is a quilter...what can I crochet? I had a pattern somewhere...a crochet cover for a tape measure.....

 After trying to find the pattern I went ahead and went through my salvage yarn to coordinate color for the project. I started by using the base pattern from a hat then building up the side , then closing. Added a look on the tab of the tape was simply.
I made a basic flower, attached it to the top ...embellished with a button and there it was....the gift however small it was received with a heart felt Thanks.

This is a submission to: Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME! #107 
Here is were I am imspired by her and the followers of her.

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