Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post for 2012...

The days before the New Year I worked at Old Town Framimg until dooms day….Dec. 18th at 9am my left knee was totally replaced.  It will be a long recovery and looking at the right knee for 2013!  My hip replacement was so much easier then this knee thing!!

Prior to leaving work there was a need for some cards for a customer....I took on the need. I designed a couple to present....these are the ones choosen. I then made up 45 cards, 15 per box. Lets see what 2013 brings.

End of November, Ethan decided to walk and also get into things. 
This toilet paper rad at Gramdmas is a ritual for the family. I, Tootsie did the same thing and so did Uncle Christopher. I really should dig out those pictures!

My last project is a hat that Lilian modeled for me. 
It will be sent to cousin Bryken as soon as I get a able body to get it into town to the post office.  
Since this one hat I have made at another time.

Dec. 30 we had a Mary Kay party!!  Wendy Metcalf my consultant to Mary Kay product came over to introduce Lili to make-up like a big girl.   We are looking forward to our new toys and a mask fasical in 2013!

My friend Carol Wamshier came to the party to pamper and relax. She is the president of the local Clatsop County Genealogy Society. 
Getting back into my work of genealogy  is on my list to do for 2013. Along with playing with digis at Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME #105

May 2013 bring good thoughts, words and deads 
to all and may your families and friends stay close. 
The year to create and share the knowledge of art!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Onward to 2013

The Last of my 2012 Creations
A Special gift...for a Special lady that is doing what I would love to do...
take care of my Grand children.
 I started out crocheting the bag then making and adding the flowers, leaves and vines. 
I used some left over fall outs from a project that Leann made at the frame shop for the bottom base for the bag. 
Then it was off to the fabric store for the perfect piece of material to line the bag. 
Off the top of my head I thought through the process. 
I needed to cover the base, add the side panel then attach it at the top.

  Here is the finished look inside...I was pleased. 
I then made a fabric tube and ran cording through it for the pull string.
 I have "5" others to line which will get done while I am recovering from knee surgery....My first projects for 2013!

Thanks to all that been following me through the year...with your thoughts, comments and encouragement to continue my Love to create.
To my friends at Sassy Cheryls...Thanks for being there.
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