Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lahti boys of Brownsmead, Oregon...part 4...

another chapter in the Lahit boys lifes.

The journaling (PULL tab) beside the picture on page 1...
By the age of 17 Lee Lahti, his brother Stuart and cousins, Dale with brother Jamie Peck went into the service. Lee served in the Army and discharged after about a half a year. This was because he had a 
severe on the train on the way to Kansas.
Brother, Stuart also in the Army, was stationed in Portway, Kansas. After Lee had gotten home he and 
mother Hilda went to visit him in their 1947 Studebaker commander. Stuart was an electrician for the radios for the most part. He came home after the War.
Lee was given recognition by the United States Coast Guard, Group Astoria on November 2007.

 *Click on the pictures for a close-up       

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lahti boys of Brownsmead, Oregon...part 3...

…the pages continue…
Lee Lahti play with many bands in his life.
The picture in the middle I am having a time getting the last names for some of them.
I am asking all my local followers to give me some help. If you see one that needs a name please email me with it. click on the picture for a close-up!

This is the 2nd page to the layout. A pocket page with all of Lee Lahti’s Certificates of Apprecitation he has gotten through the years.

NOTICE! The bottom right corner is the art work of
The photo used for my rhythm inchie is at the top left hand side of page 1
Liz' submission and others can be seen at: 

I have been with the artist at EIM since the beginning of the year.  
Seeing so much wonderful art that I thought...
why not use inchie art on pages.
Since I have been working on these pages and Lee is a drummer, Liz's rhythm inchie was perfect. I emailed her for permission with my thought in hand. With joy she said yes with attachments of her rhythm inchie...
Thank-you Liz...totally liked working with your inchie!
This page is for submission to: they have a sketch to play with
...and the beat gones on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Lahti boys of Brownsmead, Oregon...

had a love for Dogs within their lives.

 Going through someone else's pictures and looking for some sort of order has been a challenge in it's self. Although...when you know the person in some sort of way you get to know them, the family and whom they are related to...and it just might be you!
Top: Lee Lahti
Terry, Lahtis young terrier as boys.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Lahti boys of Brownsmead, Oregon...part 2...

the lives in a story…
...for anything scrapbooking. I love this concept for I have the need to finish this book and the Barendse book. So...with no boundaries I am able to create, display, submit and get the projects done for the now.
 I also have my own "Life in a book" that I am working on when time allows.
Thank-you Lyssa at born-again crafter for the need to create!

I have been working on this Lahti book and really getting somewhere. I have not used digi's as yet but plans are there. Miss my card making!
 First page
Second page joy of lives in progress. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winged inchie...

…to present just two...

 of so many.

Come join the inchie your thought on each word of the week, here on Every Inchie Monday

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lahti boys of Brownsmead, Oregon...part 1...

As part of my care for the elderly I help them get their life's in a scrapbook/Genealogical form.
With work in progress it was time to make a page 
and the need for inspiration!!

With heartfelt Thanks in what I do "do”… it pulls from my material items but rewards my spirit.  It is a one on one, work in progress that could only be done by family, friends or someone like me. There are so many yet so few that takes the time to do it. I can’t seem to stop doing it. 

I Love it for my love of the art goes right into their books and hearts. It is incredible how they respond to the love that I put into "Their Life" that has been important to them throughout.  I have gotten to know friends and family that I have seen or heard about growing up…and then there they are. We laugh together, cry together and share life together, even if such a short time.

I would not like to leave the memories of life of these few that I have lost.

One day it will be my turn and will hope to have my life in a scrapbook for those that “Knew me” and for those that wondered.

Winning the Top 3 award
 Creative Craft Challenges
 are looking for the use of LACE, I used a paper lace
 Now that "page 1" is finished I am looking forward to the next sketch and recipes for the pages to follow!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rhythm inchie…

My Mother, Eileen is very talented. One of those talents is her beautiful voice accompanied by her piano & organ playing.
Growing up I listened often and was memorized as I watched her totally enjoying herself. 
As a young girl I was intrigued by that…tick tock coming from a gracious piece atop the piano. 
The inchie below is submitted to: Every Inchie Monday 
come join the weekly fun for a whole year!!
I learned that mother was keeping time with what is called a Metronome. I tried to play but could only play by sound so it went no further. What us kids did like is when Mom played that special song...we would twirl around until we got dizzy...memories!
 The Piano, stool and Metronome were my great grandparents. I have no idea where the Piano and stool are but I was fortunate to have gotten the Metronome handed down to me by my father, Francis.
In doing some research I have found that it is from within the 1920’s.

May the Rhythm from it carry on to future generations…

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Endless inchie...

Growing…not knowing
what time was even about.

Life had happened.

Life being within time and time being endless.
Go to Every Inchie Monday 

for details and join the inchie art!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dance Inchie...

Music may sooth your soul & DANCE express’it!
May all your inchies be Every Inchie Monday inchies!
Come join us, it isn't to late. 
It is exactly that...every Monday you submit a inchie 
with the theme word of the week.
I have a love for small things and this is a great place to...
...let it show!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angela Sidlo * Tai Chi * Thank-you

Angela organized a gift to the local communities, Tai Chi class for the elderly for free. In hearing about this, even though I am not elderly, although some times feel like it, I went to the first session. I needed to pay for my young age...understandable! The classes have been wonderful. It has been nice to see people that one does not see all the time and to connect to those you don't know.  Thank-you to Angela

"The Journey", card is a double emboss cut out by Spellbinders.
I have created this by coloring in a stamped image with Copic markers.
Fussy cut each stamped image then took each color marker to darken the edges.
Hand embossed and then layered with foam-dots within and out.
If you would like to comment, use email from profile...
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