Friday, December 30, 2011

New to Crocheting with a addition...

Crocheting has advanced…here are a few pieces I finished...
These basic scarf's twist and layer with a great look of fashion.

That was it for the basics, I needed more of a challenge....
This black variegated  neck warmer was fun to do and I love the look...I will sale on etsy...once I get it there! I will have more pictures of it being worn.

And then there is a new adventure into friend , Carol, introduced me  with...needles and yarn and said, "Here, you can do this!" It took some time but once I got into it I was off and knitting for the finish of the skein!
I got some great encouragement and knowledge from the gals at "Custom Threads" and Carol asking, ""Hows it coming along?" It needs to be blocked and here again "Custom Threads" are there to assist me when I am ready...

So there you have much for "NOT" adding on a new art and its supplies to my life...

Thanks for stopping by and/or following me...Have a Grand NEW YEAR....I have a new Grand-son on his way...the days are counting and Little Toots will have a little brother...Ethan James!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My " Nutcracker" donation...

Got your tickets! 

This weekend is the showing of

"The Nutcracker" 

at the Liberty Theater in Astoria, Oregon

I have made a double page spread put into a frame as a donation for the fund raiser which is a auction of ART. 
 There are several pieces on display at "Old Town Framing" on commercial in Astoria...and they are up for silent bidding.

The littlest nutcracker
There are a lot more...come in to see and bid!
That is what I have been up to...for submission to:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back on the Bus again...

I am now part of a talented team of Bus Drivers.
I had drove bus before from 1978 to 1987
I hated to leave but I had a family to raise by my self and had to leave for better pay.
As years pass and Life changes...I am back to my job I Love.
2011 - 2012
Knappa School District 4
Bus Drivers

Saturday, November 12, 2011


...I never thought I would take up another art. I have been having a lot of fun making little things so far. 
I remembered these hair ribbons back in the day and thought I would make Toots some.

Here is what I see each day this fall as I go to work....

One ofToots' favorite friends is... Anastasia
Submission to Sassy Cheryls - SHOW ME #50

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Clocks in the making...

...a on going project
I started these Doll Clocks 2 weeks ago. Step-by-step they should be done for the holidays.
I will be adding to this posting as I progress to the finishing of 5 to 6 of them!
I made the pattern, got supplies. 
Cutting out the pieces of wood was a joy...I got to use my cousin Debs shop...I will submit that at another time, it is a girls dream wood shop come true!
Then it was preping and painting time and Little Toots got in on that...

Toots' interest is so much fun to see and listen too...

So...we are this far at the end of the 3rd week.

I have 2 jobs that consist of Driving bus in the morning...working at the frame shop and then a noon bus route...what a change in life style to say the least!!
I have replaced the fake glass with real glass, for it looks so much better...I have also been doing more detailing which results into making just the clock and not adding arms, legs and faces.
Here is one that is just about done...5 total to make!
Top left clock, without its frame. It seems to have gotten out the door for a birthday party gift before I got a picture of it finished...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deb *
This one I finished and will need to make another for these have turned out to be "too fun" to make...!
Onward... more and counting!
Submissions to:
Embellishing Life Everyday -Craft Catwalk # 57

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jacket needs a home...

I had envisioned this jacket for to many years and finally took on the challenge to make it…

The jacket was given to me from my Mom for it was to big for her...even after taking off the cuffs!

I in turn bought some cororoy and cotton woven material and went to work.

First I measured and cut out cuffs and a collar. After cutting bias stripes from the striped cotton they were sewn to the top pieces of each cuff and collar.

ALOT of hand sewing took place after the initial add on. Buttons were placed and I was for the fitting! fits ok but the sleeves are to long...from top of shoulder to end of 26 inches... 
etsy bound with ScrapRund!

SEW...I am in the studio but not working with paper as yet. I have another project in the makings...time will tell when I post it, but it will be soon...KEEP IN TOUCH!

Submission to:  Sassy Cheryls Blog with SHOW ME # 48


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holding in the heat!

Each Year I have thought...if I were to make a curtain between one end of the house from the other, would I save $ on the heating bill...well this winter will be the big test!
I started by heading out to the storage to get that material that I have been saving to re-cover some chairs...I found it and its being used for the curtain!
I purchased a short tension curtain rod for a shower for it would have the straight. I then made a pocket at the top for the rod...hung it for length and width.
I had to add length as you can see!
YES...I love my BROTHER!

 I then added a sash with some cording which was held back by a electric cord holder, 
nailed to the frame behind.
Doing a project without chocolate...NOT...donations are excepted!!
The recycle part of this project is....I added used batteries for weights at the bottom! see what the change in the electric bill is!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Betty...

Finally I was put to a time limit to get something done...
...this is a Birthday gift for Grandma Betty Aho-Bagley
Betty has been trying to get together with me to get our wedding books started. has been...what's it say? WOW!
Since I just taught myself the art of Crochet, 
I thought I would add some of my work to the gift.
 I did alittle...flip floppn' with sketch for this is a submission to:
Unscripted sketches #124
Also submitted to:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Antique Clothes Rack...

...has been with the family and on the move for at least 20 years. 
The last 10 years it had a broken arm and 2 missing pegs. 
My friend Steve Shellabarger (Fishie on Lures) ...again saved the day with his talent...
with parts and reconstructing a arm he was able to bring its use back into the family. 

All that I needed to do was add some stain and a finish and the summer of 2011 clothes drying is in further operation.
Toots is now 19 months and playing...
...waiting for her BABY BROTHER
that will arrive in January 2012 ! 
This is a submission to:
Party #3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knappa Days ...

...the first and not the last parade we will be in for Knappa Days... 

 ...the joy of seeing friends, family and the kids to absorb the fun.
Paper Bagley was our sponsor at the spare of the year we will have more flare on the John Deere.
 I have been working on this old milk jug for awhile. The paint is John Deere yellow and green.
I needed the old tractor seat placed so it can come off...I thought it through and with idea in mind I presented it to a local fishing lure / wood artist: Steve Shellabarger at Fishie On Lures
Here is what he worked out...he suggested that I put the duck tape around the bottom if I wanted a tighter was not needed but for a kid proof seal, it works. Now all it needs is a nice John Deere sticker!
Without the tape the chair would swivel!
* Thank-you Steve *  
This is a submission to:
born again crafter Let's share and be friends sunday party #2

Monday, August 8, 2011

Taught myself to crochet...

...and now for the modeling of the goods...
My model is...Sierra Weirup, she is creative herself and a artist of the future. She also like to work with paper and loves the creations at:
Sassy Cheryls
Show Me #36 
Tip Junkie Handmade Project (8/8) 
Todays Creative Blog  Get your craft on 
Between Naps on the Porch 
# 133 Metamorphosis Party
Here Sierra is modeling a elastic head band adored with handmade crochet flowers, by Tootsie and embellished with vintage buttons as all that will be pictured.
Here is the same pattern flower display in browns and white.
There will be more posted in the days ahead.
"Thank-you Sierra"

History within... my kitchen

This submission is for:
These are the only chickens I have left since the remodel in 2008. The rooster on the left was given to me by Grandma Gail Moore, the wire chicken was a wedding gift from Janet Teevin Heilmann back in 1978. There are cedar eggs within it that were made by Mr. Sheets. The vintage sunflower pieces, canning jars & corn bread pan were my Grandma Helen Travess'. The bowl on the back left is my good table setting bought in 1980 and the right side bowl is my first table setting bought in 1976. The stool is the one that my father Francis Bagley sat on to milk our cow Bossy. The scale was given to me from my brother-in-law Donald Lee.
There is alot of history in a small corner.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Vivian...

Happy Birthday
* Vivian *

Love from all of the family and friends

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