Thursday, July 28, 2011

My friend...

This is my first card that I ever made with a digi, a Sassy Cheryl
The creating never stops except when spring and summer roll around and of course...Life happens!
I have seen alot of digis lookin' around and Cheryls is one on top. I had shared this one with Cheryl and being a newbie at blogging at the time it never go submitted properly so the old is now new!
Submission to: 
Sassy Cheryls = Challenge #74 Ribbons and Lace
Paper Creations Ink  = Challenge #6 Stitching Theme

My image is colored with Copic markers, hand cut, embossed, added Glossy Accents, thread for shoes, buttons, trim and bows then used DOTS & 3D foam squares by EK to adherer. Using old left over papers I randomly pierced and hand stitched. Label is a Quickutz placed with brads. Ribbons are from Jo-Ann
Sassy Cheryls images are a part of my card making world, check them out...experience the joy and get a digi or more for your own library.
Painting the trike today...going to be TOMBoY Tools pink! I love my pink tools, they have become a good part of my arsenal. Check them out on Lissa Skinns site....for the fun of it all!!
Step by step the trike is coming along. There was a broken part that the hubby fixed it. What a handy man he is. There is so much he can do but limited so he is on call with all of his knowledge and skill.
  The finishing touch!!! Tomboy Tools sticker from;
Lisa Skinns Pink Toolbox THANKS Lisa!!!
Love my pink Tomboy tools!
THANKS also goes to Millty for donating the trike last year. HUGS go to PaPa for helping...he will be waiting!

I could not wait to find parts so i purchased them; buy one get one free, I scored there! 
I had the"bestest fun" restoring this. Each step brought it closer to the biggest smile on my face. Now for the Grand kids to see and for all of us to enjoy watching them learn to ride!!!! 
This is one highlight of the summer fun in the  
Oregon Sun!
 Made with LOVE by: Grandma Tootsie & PaPa

This is a submission to: Sassy Cheryls Show me #35 another fun place to go and see what others are doing in life and creating. 

Submission to; Nap Time Crafters with Friday Favs Party #22
and another fun place is;
 be different act natural with "Show and Tell Saturday"
This is a wonderful place to see creative people create and share!
There is so many talented people out there and they are each equal within their own touch of art of their heart.  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Creative Cousins...

are doing something with paper included!
 I went for a visit at my cousin Debs and of course she is making something....and in the process I had to take my hand at the art. Above is what I created...I will get a picture of her awesome studio and art later.

Since then...I have gotten together a  tool box of my own to bring. Look out...the creative juices are flowin'!

Here is another project I did. I got some Aluminum Ducting tape, folded it in half, trimmed, made hole, stamped and wala...plant markers. These are for the son-in-laws raised garden beds. The thought was for Eli to get a visual of the plant name with the plant that Dad is stuff!
This is a submission for SHOW ME! 
Check out her digi stamps at: 
there is always something new!

Now it is off to the great outdoors of Oregon
I have shutters to make and put up
Cherish & Kayla will be coming to play
...then maybe time with Deb in the evening!!

The use of the past brings joy...
to ones heart.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Windows of time...

go under restoration.
Windows are from remodeled homes in the area and years of collecting.
It was time to really enjoy them. 
Step 1: was pressure washing and dry time
Step 2: Sanding, taking off old paint and a good Windex cleaning
Toots was such a explorer and entertainer through the day. It called for a change of clothes before lunch.
It was lunch time and a bit of ice cream to keep the job flowing, so much for the change of clothes!
Great Grandma Eileen came by for a visit and got in on 
cleaning up after lunch. Toots needed to show her how.
Step 3: After a bit of Deck Oil, a day to season, drilling holes for hanging they were up to enjoy. 

The top window got a place in the dining room. 
The other hangs on a hall in the bedroom. 

Its finished...I added the butterfly for the kids to see...I had to give up a tall lamp for a table lamp so I lost my height...adding afew books under it solved the problem!

This submission goes to: Sassy Cheryl - Show Me #33
Organize Your Stuff Now = Home Decor and organizing link party #13

Making most of my days...being creative,
for one never knows when work happens!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garage Sales...

...on my John Deere

...and coming home with treasures.
Grand-daughters.... my John Deere
This is Cherish, grand-daughter from Montana. I have not seen her for 4 years and it is like we never left each other.
Vivian and Lilian relaxing for a trip around the woods at Papa & Grandma Tootsies. 
To have it so good! Grandma with some of the Grandkids having a great time!
Submission to: Show me at Sassy Cheryls a place to express yourself with her art.
This is a great place to get started and go beyond the fun with digis!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All in a days PlaY... Grandma & Pa-pas house.
The day starts with a ride down to Bear Creek to collect rocks for a rock painting party...
This rock was discovered by Toots...we think it is Po from a animal, any guess' what it might be'?  

Front to back is Toots, sister Vivian and friend Kyla
...we had lots of fun throwing rocks and discovering creatures...Toots found this leaf...but wait it isn't a leaf...what is it? Click on the picture so you can see it closer!

Vivian, above and Kyla found these fish in the water. What kind are they?
After getting home we washed the rocks...Toots got a hold of the soap when no one was looking and had a great time.
After the rocks dried we painted them...oops no picture!
Dad got back from his trip and thought that getting us girls wet would be fun...

...and it was...what a great idea Dad!  Toots is the naked monkey...of course the big girls followed suit...or is that no suit...not pictured!

It was about time to go home and Dad was helping with putting things away when...he found a lizard!

  Did you know that when a lizards tail comes off
it will grow back?
What animal group does a lizard belong to?
 During the day we learned what the name of these plants were...what are they?
May your holiday be fun and safe....

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