Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I have been up to?

Lots…besides working
 I watch the grand kids
And be thankful that I have these days...
...to enjoy Life.

It was Papa Dougs Birthday and there is not better way to celebrate it then with the Grand kids. Lili and Eli were close to his heart with the other not far or in his thoughts.

Before the party we all went to Elis T-ball game...
what a kick!
Ethan is 3 months and a wamping 16 pounds
and showing 2 teeth....
besides having control of most everything.
Still not in the studio...I have been working in the yard....burned the pile of brush today....one of my cool things to do in the spring.
I have gotten the studio cleared enough to see day light so the creative juices need to kick in.
Thinking of all my bloggers and hope you are all well and enjoying each day of Life and living.

Submission to:
Sassy Cheryls Show Me # 72
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