Friday, October 28, 2011

Jacket needs a home...

I had envisioned this jacket for to many years and finally took on the challenge to make it…

The jacket was given to me from my Mom for it was to big for her...even after taking off the cuffs!

I in turn bought some cororoy and cotton woven material and went to work.

First I measured and cut out cuffs and a collar. After cutting bias stripes from the striped cotton they were sewn to the top pieces of each cuff and collar.

ALOT of hand sewing took place after the initial add on. Buttons were placed and I was for the fitting! fits ok but the sleeves are to long...from top of shoulder to end of 26 inches... 
etsy bound with ScrapRund!

SEW...I am in the studio but not working with paper as yet. I have another project in the makings...time will tell when I post it, but it will be soon...KEEP IN TOUCH!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holding in the heat!

Each Year I have thought...if I were to make a curtain between one end of the house from the other, would I save $ on the heating bill...well this winter will be the big test!
I started by heading out to the storage to get that material that I have been saving to re-cover some chairs...I found it and its being used for the curtain!
I purchased a short tension curtain rod for a shower for it would have the straight. I then made a pocket at the top for the rod...hung it for length and width.
I had to add length as you can see!
YES...I love my BROTHER!

 I then added a sash with some cording which was held back by a electric cord holder, 
nailed to the frame behind.
Doing a project without chocolate...NOT...donations are excepted!!
The recycle part of this project is....I added used batteries for weights at the bottom! see what the change in the electric bill is!
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