Monday, February 27, 2017

Life enjoy the journey
Once I get an idea that I really like I am to get it made. I have a new "Old Friend", William Heilmann on Facebook and he posts a lot of pictures from the days when my Dad would hunt with his friends. Well, there was this one that really touched me and the idea started within my heart.
Since I work at Old Town Framing in Astoria for the last 9 years I wanted to put this piece within a shadow box frame. To do so I had to think about the snug fit that was needed around the spacers that was needed for the depth. So...step one I had the frame made by our wonderful chopper, Corrie Pedersen. Then I added the glass and spacers. From there it was brought home for custom fitting for size and product used after that I was released to get creative with the layout and development.
I have been collecting papers for years to get ready for the relaxing days of retirement, although that is a ways off, let's just say I am dipping into the joy of my heart as usual. Point being I can't tell you the names of the papers for I am using so many that are probably old!

 Time spent on hand cutting, die cutting, prep, placing and finally gluing, taping was bring forth the dementional piece I was seeing in my mind for at least a month.

There is was the Hunt came back to be ecknowledged once again.
My Dad, far right with the check shirt, his brother Richie's son, Bobby is a artist also and his website is a must see at: Bag End Studio

Click on the pictures to really get a look at them in detail.
I sure did enjoy this journey to the past.
To all the Men that came into my life as a young girl, Thank You, Love, Tootsie

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