Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inspiration to a Happy Halloween....

Halloween started back in August for me. A watercolor artist came into the store that had Halloween pieces to frame for the “Art Walk” we have every 2nd Saturday of the month at my work place….Old Town Framing. 
I totally got into the pieces and they were mine to frame, what fun it was. 
By the 2nd week in Oct. they were displayed.

Well….during the framing period I was inspired to do what I have wanted to do since the last time I "brought out the witch in me" back in 1985!
I got organized…gathered my whimsical embellishments 
and made pumpkins to start with.

Then I was off to better things…creating the witch I have longed for almost 30 years! I was off to my dear friend Trisha's house to create with other gals...
 whatever we had our hearts set on. 
For me it was my Witches Staff and what a beauty it turned out to be….

 Within the next week I ordered a was nice but it needed personality...
then again….I created!!!   
Oh Yes Dearies what a fine gem it is!!!

A Lantern was in order and I had a old outside porch light that would do the was off to creating again...oops! No finished picture for it is a work. I will edit this once it is posted.

well, I could make one with local scotch broom and a stick…then….
Research began on the PC…and there it was!!!!!

Then there was the task of trying to find a broom....I thought it through....
A dream of a ride!! I got one for me and one for Lili for she and her sister will need to join me next year. I found our rides...on etsy you can find, Samatha Prichard out of Eugene, Oregon, all handmade with shop name of Broomchick, you can find her at: BROOMCHICK. She has all types including every day use brooms and believe me I will never buy another broom other then these again!

I was then set...just a little bit of make-up and wala....
 ....appeared and so did Reba Owen just in time for a picture before the Trick-or-Treating was about to begin.
Soooooooooo..................many children!!!!!!!!!!
I Loved them all but the Good Witch that I am I have my favorites!

My dear Lilian, Vivian, Ethan, Kayla, Addy and KiKi and I believe I saw a few more that I could not be sure of....

FUN oh what fun I had and I think that the children enjoyed me for they had nice things to say and so did the parents and Grand parents.
My heart got filled with Glee from the good energy. The children were great although there was 1 medium child that ...well needed some potion of goodness!
Auntie Rissa came as Autumn Fairy, she won the best handmade adult costume that I saw....this is she with me on commercial in Astoria...
The best handmade kids was this boy as a robot...

 I am very ready for next year although there are potions to make and a few other items that can be I need a parking spot for our brooms!!!!

Until then may your heart follow your dreams and desires and create it!!!

Submission to: Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME # 133 Were the digi art has just the right theme to art out with!
Also subbmission to: "DIY Show Off" 

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