Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I called the County Road Dept. and asked for a sign...
...the answer I got was, "No we don't put those up for no one abides by them!
I asked why are these signs eny different then all the others?
Well the sign you are asking for will be about $65.00 and you will need to put it on non-county land. Other then that you can make your own...
Shocked with it all I was on a mission!
Scrap wood,a bit of old paint and some markers, Toots and I were making signs.

Now to see if they work!!!

On Mothers Day, a trip was planed by my mothers friends. A Mother/Daughter outing. We took off at noon and headed for a play in Portland called;

What a woman
What a story!

After the play we had dinner. It was a relaxing day with a wonderful group of ladies.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Communications Wall...

 Grandma! Where did Papa go?

Lilian (Toots)spent afew days with Grandma Tootsie. We went in the sprikler for it was a wappin 82 !
Then we were off on the John Deere looking for flowers to take pictures.
We found these Bleeding Hearts in 2 different colors...

During the day I finished a
"Communications Wall"
 that I had in mind to do for some time.
I did some creative thought behind some frames I purchased from the shop at
"Old Town Framing"
The cork board;I adhered cork to some core board. The dry erase board I cut a piece of glass and added a piece of core board. In time I would like to add a magnet board and frame the light switch...why not...a wall all framed up!

The black pen holder I sanded down 2 odd ball pieces I got at a garage sale and spray painted them. I got up this morning thinking I wanted something other then a screw to hold one on the wall. A idea hit...
a old cabinet knob! I am to see if the need will be a success!
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

File this REDO...

I have seen a filiing cabinet REDO project many of times in the past and knew that I HAD to do it myself…some day…
Well some day is here!
I started with taking off the hardward, cleaning and then appling coats of; Hammerite Rust Cap #41140 Hammered Black I purchased all my supplies at;

After cutting a paintable textured wall paper to fit each drawer, I taped the edges for I wanted part of the drawer to show around the edge and to avoid the frame work from getting caught when opening.
I adhered the wall paper with a spray adhesive called Loctite, it worked well and gave me time to place it before applying pressure.
I kept the tape on until I painted the wall paper, using some of my leftover interior wall paint. The molding...I mitered the corners, sanded each to get a perfect fit.
"Click on image to go to site"
Choosing the color for the frame work made me I called a friend and artist, Trish at Crane Island Comforts.
Once the decision was made I was back at the project.

Spray painting the frame work to match the cabinet and then using a Rub-n-Buff to highlight the detailing was the deciding factor.

I appled a strong adhesive to each wood piece, added a bit of Titebond to the corners. Then placing them.
Lastly...the hardware went back on and I had my File REDO finished.

One of the goals in the project was to get into the Studio and to go through what was in the files. I did not get rid of much...naturally...but I have a visual of what I have within them.

Click on the pictures to get a better look!

I am totally happy with the look.
May this be inspiration for you to do the same!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Switch Plate...

...with a new look.

Just one of many ideas I have conjured up in my creative mind.  I was not alone, mind you...Skye gave me guidance. The inspiration comes from my new job at:
It seems that I have taken a likin' for frames and what one can do with them. I also have another project in the makin's that I have always wanted to do....that will be next week if I stay at it.

Here is a shadow box that I made at the shop with the wealth of knowledge from Leann to guide me. It was fun and challenge.

It's back to work for the week...
This is a submission to: Sassy Cheryls SHOW ME #73
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