Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Moleman

A Thank-you to my professional mole trapper; Don from Floyds Station.
This card was made special. I had a mole problem and I called on someone to take care of it for I was not getting the job done for myself. It was taking awhile so I ask another local and he, Don was jumped right out there and set traps. That first week, all of the sudden there were more traps of a different sort! In asking Don what was up, he replied, " I think we have a checker board game, for the other person went ahead and placed their traps also!"I was within the month or less that my problem was gone. "The Moleman" got 3 moles and won the game! He would not take a thing for the time and work involed so my card making seemed to do the trick.

Inside of card are caught moles and one on the loose only to be caught next year!

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