Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holding in the heat!

Each Year I have thought...if I were to make a curtain between one end of the house from the other, would I save $ on the heating bill...well this winter will be the big test!
I started by heading out to the storage to get that material that I have been saving to re-cover some chairs...I found it and its being used for the curtain!
I purchased a short tension curtain rod for a shower for it would have the straight. I then made a pocket at the top for the rod...hung it for length and width.
I had to add length as you can see!
YES...I love my BROTHER!

 I then added a sash with some cording which was held back by a electric cord holder, 
nailed to the frame behind.
Doing a project without chocolate...NOT...donations are excepted!!
The recycle part of this project is....I added used batteries for weights at the bottom!
NOW...to see what the change in the electric bill is!
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Sassy Cheryl said...

Well, I certainly hope it works! That would certainly be a blessing, but if it doesn't. . . .it still looks great!
Thanks for sharing your space this week in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun!

Shirley said...

Tootsie, what a great idea, and I'm betting you'll be saving some $$$ for sure. Love seeing what cleverness you have going.

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