Thursday, June 16, 2011

Springer Salmon...

Spring and I am clipping fins at Knat Creek Hatchery. 
It is a part time job as it is every year although this is my first year, I have been told I am doing well.
The clipping of the atapost fin ID's the hatchery fish from the wild fish.
On the left is, Sherri Allen and me on the right.
Sherri clips 8000+ fish & I clip around 6000+ fish per day along with 10 other workers we can clip up to 60,000 per day.
Leslie Hebert, the 2011 granduate from Knappa that I made the gift for that is on the earlier post also works here as a part time job. In the picture above she, on the left is helping push fingering fish forward in the pond. I have been watching her and what a good worker she is.
I got a great surprise at work son, Ian and the girls came to see where Grandma works...what a highlight!
Treats were brought in today so Toots had to test them...double fisted...thats my girl!

Other then that we mow the lawn and SWING!
Vivian, Lilian (Toots) and Dad, Ian 

The studio is waiting for creativity with....Sassy Cheryl Show me #29 as my strong hold until I get back to my art of my heart.


Shirley said...

Tootsie, you have so much going on. The part time job sounds very interesting and love seeing pictures of your family and the grandkids. Toots is my kind of snacker too. You always need a cookie for both hands. Thanks for sharing all of this. Now you need to find time to make the girls some dress up clothes in your spare(LOL)time.

Ann said...

Just wanted you to know I was worried about you and missing your inchies. I watched for them each week. I can see by your blog you are a busy lady. I am headed to Ohio to visit some of our grandchildren so I will not have a Harmony inchie in on time. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

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