Sunday, March 15, 2015


 I lost my father in 2014, Francis Hall Bagley.

After his passing I thought about how he lived life with a joy in his heart.
Now matter what was thrown his way he dealt with it the best way he knew how, good bad or indifferent.
He also made for himself a place to get away and be creative through it all.
With this in mind I got to thinking.where do I find Joy?
Being Creative! So that Summer I created that place to be creative and have Joy.
The process was alot of work but I managed by not allowing myself to get interupted nor to stop at any giving point.
I took everything out of the shed, preped, painted and then called the flooring company....bam....Nu-Way CarpetThe advise I got in picking out the right type was perfect. It took a day or so for I measured and came up short. "Dont measure yourself, let the pros do it!"
Once all was in place there was left overs now so I asked for it to be put on top of one of the units as a counter it!

Then It was my turn again.
Shelving was hung and arranged. Tables and storage placed.
Then it came time to start bringing in the supplies. 
Now to of the things I love to do!
Little by little it was all finding the right spot for "creating with value of space and time.
It was getting cozy and I found myself taking on projects and orders. This was a good thing for I was able to really work out the flaws of organizing to make things accessable for the value and usage of items, tools, etc. It also got me to know where things are, to take note and label "everything"! This has been actually find something without wondering and not taking so much time trying to find that "one thing"!
It has been 3 yeears.
A BIG Thanks to Trisha at Crane Island. 
For your heart felt encouragment to persue my dream. 
Your on going sharing of all around creative know how.

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