Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Home for the Navy Lockers

It was afew months ago my Son, Ian informed me 
of some lockers for sale on a Facebook group. 
I looked and inquired, made plans and the whole family went for a quick trip to Long Beach, Washington to get them.
I wish I would have taken a picture before the 
restration for they were in need of alot of TLC. 
With years of paint, goo,
lots of stickers from being in a car detailing place it seemed. 
 I took off the hardware, had to do alot of peeling off stickers then sanded with Thanks to son, Ian for the use of his sander. 
Then for the glory of watching it get a new face. 
I used hammered metal spray paint. 
The hardware were a gray color but I saw a glimmer of brass so I hand sanded to bring out the surprise I hoped for.
Putting everything back togather, I was pleased. 
Then for the loading up with my "Tootsie Toys".
I need to get new knobs for the drawers. 
Other then that I am happy with my work and to have storage for the new "Paper Bagley" wood working area.
I would love to hear some history of these lockers like what year. 
I have been told so far that they may have come from 
Tougue Point when the Navy ships where there.
See more "Paper Bagley" art at Pinterest
Thanks for blogging by, Tootsie

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