Sunday, July 3, 2011

All in a days PlaY... Grandma & Pa-pas house.
The day starts with a ride down to Bear Creek to collect rocks for a rock painting party...
This rock was discovered by Toots...we think it is Po from a animal, any guess' what it might be'?  

Front to back is Toots, sister Vivian and friend Kyla
...we had lots of fun throwing rocks and discovering creatures...Toots found this leaf...but wait it isn't a leaf...what is it? Click on the picture so you can see it closer!

Vivian, above and Kyla found these fish in the water. What kind are they?
After getting home we washed the rocks...Toots got a hold of the soap when no one was looking and had a great time.
After the rocks dried we painted them...oops no picture!
Dad got back from his trip and thought that getting us girls wet would be fun...

...and it was...what a great idea Dad!  Toots is the naked monkey...of course the big girls followed suit...or is that no suit...not pictured!

It was about time to go home and Dad was helping with putting things away when...he found a lizard!

  Did you know that when a lizards tail comes off
it will grow back?
What animal group does a lizard belong to?
 During the day we learned what the name of these plants were...what are they?
May your holiday be fun and safe....


Sassy Cheryl said...

Aren't these just the BEST pictures ever! Looks like fun all around!
Thanks for sharing your 'stuff' this week! Love all the fun photos.

Cath said...

Wow! Looks like all y'all had a ton of fun! TFS! :)

Shirley said...

As my neighbor would say, Summer Camp at Granma and Pa-Pa's is the best. What a great nature lesson. Love Toot's chubby legs and the bare butt shot. I know you all had fun, but if you're anything like me, you were also exhausted at the end of the day.

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