Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Windows of time...

go under restoration.
Windows are from remodeled homes in the area and years of collecting.
It was time to really enjoy them. 
Step 1: was pressure washing and dry time
Step 2: Sanding, taking off old paint and a good Windex cleaning
Toots was such a explorer and entertainer through the day. It called for a change of clothes before lunch.
It was lunch time and a bit of ice cream to keep the job flowing, so much for the change of clothes!
Great Grandma Eileen came by for a visit and got in on 
cleaning up after lunch. Toots needed to show her how.
Step 3: After a bit of Deck Oil, a day to season, drilling holes for hanging they were up to enjoy. 

The top window got a place in the dining room. 
The other hangs on a hall in the bedroom. 

Its finished...I added the butterfly for the kids to see...I had to give up a tall lamp for a table lamp so I lost my height...adding afew books under it solved the problem!

This submission goes to: Sassy Cheryl - Show Me #33
Organize Your Stuff Now = Home Decor and organizing link party #13

Making most of my days...being creative,
for one never knows when work happens!


Sassy Cheryl said...

Love the picture of TOOT looking through the window. How adorable is that. Great project and a fabulous idea to serve the ice cream to keep the 'flow' going.
Thanks for showing what you're working on this week.

Cynthia said...

Wow, love how these turned into such great wall art. Looks like this was a generational project! I agree with Cheryl, the photo of TOOT looking through the window pane is priceless.

Jesi of Once Upon A Moon said...

I absolutely LOVE what you did with the butterflies! I'm stealing your idea. :)

For the other, you could take a photo of Toots outside, enlarge it, frame it with the window then add 3-d elements on the "inside" that brings the actual photo into 3-D like extending a flower from the photo "through" the glass or perhaps a branch coming through.

I just love this 3-d thing you have going.
What ever you decide, I'm sure it will be lovely and I can't wait to see it.

Shirley said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the windows, and especially the one with the white butterflies. Are they cut from paper? Love the pictures of Toots, both through the window, and with the ice cream. Also think it's great that she was willing to explain how it worked to Great Grandma. Another fun visit at your place again this week.

Linda said...

Oh how I love what you have done with those windows. I have an old one in the garage I found years ago. My husband wants me to clean it up a bit and put family pictures in it. Never thought about how nice it would look on a wall as a window. I see some yummy antiques in those pictures. I am picturing your home as warm cozy with lots of interesting goodies stashed about.

Shirley said...

Love the last window with the flowers and the single butterfly. You have decorating skills that I am sadly lacking.

Blue Velvet Chair said...

Tootsie -
Glad you found your way over to Blue Velvet Chair. Is this the window headboard you were talking about? Love the windows. Was just given some from an old 1800s house here in Sweden - they are patiently waiting in the garage until I get the inspiration of what to do with them. Thanks for your tips of cleaning them up - that's a good start for me!

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