Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 I called the County Road Dept. and asked for a sign...
...the answer I got was, "No we don't put those up for no one abides by them!
I asked why are these signs eny different then all the others?
Well the sign you are asking for will be about $65.00 and you will need to put it on non-county land. Other then that you can make your own...
Shocked with it all I was on a mission!
Scrap wood,a bit of old paint and some markers, Toots and I were making signs.

Now to see if they work!!!

On Mothers Day, a trip was planed by my mothers friends. A Mother/Daughter outing. We took off at noon and headed for a play in Portland called;

What a woman
What a story!

After the play we had dinner. It was a relaxing day with a wonderful group of ladies.
Submission to;
...the place were you can get a digi and express yourself !

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